Help where is needed most

We are problem solvers. OPTIMA AI represents a suit of analytic and artificial intelligence solutions specifically designed to address real clinical problems in pharmacological management. How do we do it? We listen, engage, and collaborate.

Gabriela Voskerician, PhD, Chief Executive Officer

Africa: Non-communicable diseases

Optima is working with Yale Institute of Global Health and the Uganda Initiative for the Integrated Management of Non-Communicable Diseases to address the escalation of hypertension and cardiovascular disease on the African continent. In a staged strategy, we will first establish a national registry to understand the extent and depth of the problem, then address it based on prioritized needs supported by the available infrastructure. …and what about the real problem of uncertain prescription drugs inventories available to patients? Well, we took care of that already.

The World: Training of medical personnel

Early stage and mid-level medical personnel is vital to care management, especially in geographical areas where medical service “supply” is heavily trumped by the “demand”. What if this vital resource is better trained? We got that. OPTIMA AI includes a comparator feature which allows early stage physicians, nurses, and other qualified medical personnel to assess their treatment decisions against those of OPTIMA AI validated algorithms.