Help where is needed most

We are problem solvers.

In partnership with the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), PERSEVERE has become a reality. Why PERSEVERE? Because optimizing medical therapy saves lives in heart failure.
Our mission is to assist Heart Failure clinical care management across the entire care continuum.

Gabriela Voskerician, PhD
Chief Executive Officer

Multi-disciplinary team.

• Clinical Reasoning.
• Mathematical Applications.
• Software Development.
• Cybersecurity.
• Regulatory Affairs.

• 48 Cardiologists care for every 100,000 Patients.

• Assist care teams to improve operational processes and to intelligently triage patient care.

We listen, engage, and collaborate with a determined sense of purpose and professional accountability.

The comprehensive PERSEVERE innovation is the outcome of 5 NHLBI Funding Awards, speaking to its innovation excellence and clinical care adoption potential. Deployment of PERSEVERE at a client site is supported by ongoing monitoring of relevant quality indicator outcomes. Three are introduced below.


Efficacy. Achieve GDMT Target.

PERSEVERE successfully assists in achieving GDMT Target. For example, in the case of patients diagnosed with HFrEF.
PERSEVERE accelerates the drive to meet the cumulative GDMT 4 drug classes requirement:
RAASI dose ≥50% or ARNI @ any dose +
BB dose ≥50% + MRA @ any dose
+SGLT2i @ any dose.


Safety. Refer When Needed.

PERSEVERE assists in identifying high risk patients that require immediate referral to Advanced Heart Failure or Electrophysiology.


Clinical Utility. Improve HF Management with no additional professional resource scale-up.

PERSEVERE reduces condition-worsening through efficient management of HF patients without the need for professional resources scale-up.