Less than 1% of Heart Failure (HF) patients are managed at the life-saving Guidelines Directed Medical Therapy (GDMT) Target.

IN SECONDS, PERSEVERE Triage assists in-the-trenches care teams by identifying patient-personalized medications titration needs.

IN SECONDS, PERSEVERE Triage assists clinical operations managers to identify and address resource needs & improvements in population care.


Actionable Intelligence in Seconds

PERSEVERE Triage provides trusted and actionable intelligence to succeed in managing HF. It interoperates with the EHR to access patients’ records. It is accessible directly from the EHR, and configurable to your unique care model.

Care Performance monitoring.

Using advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and integrated US Medical Library Resources, PERSEVERE Triage reads, remembers, analyzes, and standardizes patient data in a perpetually updatable and reusable analytics reporting format. PERSEVERE Triage assists in evaluating to-date and longitudinal care performance to monitor human resource utilization; that, then, dictates requests for new-hires, re-distribution of responsibilities or task-based support [e.g., analysts, medical assistants].

Your typical “annual review” becomes a LIVE assessment of resource utilization.

Care Delivery using triage protocols.

Using advanced mathematical algorithms that integrate the Heart Failure clinical reasoning guidelines and practice of care protocols, PERSEVERE Triage displays the needed at-a-glance patient status for a GDMT action to be taken by your care team.

PERSEVERE Triage assists your care team in taking the next-step in HF GDMT Titration.